Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hoorah for Gabriel Giffords

While watching the morning news the report came that in-addition to Congresswoman Giffords being able to give hand signs-as well as open her eyes-she has now been taken off ventilator! To this very welcome news indeed I say hoorah for Gabriel Giffords!

I'm a little late perhaps in speaking directly to the tragedy in Arizona. However waiting a space I believe can bring a little clarity to the discussion.

It has now emerged that the consensus on this heinous act-which the left tried to pin on the right-is that this was a lone act of a deranged nut! Words do not suffice to express how horrible this senseless act of violence was. The cost staggering. 

A vibrant young woman shot in the head and maimed in the prime of life. An innocent 9 year old girl -with a new and burning desire to learn of American politics-silenced before she could grow to make her contribution,involved citizens trying to contribute to the political discourse,and a Federal judge assassinated!

Nothing short of an assault on our system of government. A slap in the face to the will of the people who elected Ms. Giffords-and generally -a kick in the face to all of us.

The fervent prayer and earnest desire of this blogger is that Gabriel Giffords will make a rapid and complete recovery from this unimaginable act of mindlessness. It is also my hope that the bum who did this will feel the full force of American justice and be made to pay for this evil deed!

Miracles do happen. Others in similar straits have made amazing recoveries. Let us all pray that this is the case for the Honorable Representative from Arizona,and,that she will soon be able to execute her duties and responsibilities to the great people of Arizona who elected her to this high office!
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