Thursday, June 24, 2010

North Korea at it again! Threatens to increase punishment for American sentenced to 8 years hard labor

"Aijalon Mahli Gomes"

Well Kim ill Jung's -hell hole- known as North Korea has added insult to injury for the United States. Kim's North Korea has threatened to "increase Punishment" for an American Citizen-Aijalon Mahli Gomez a resident of Boston-if the United States doesn't stop what it considers warlike actions because of our threatened sanctions against the North because of it's brazen attack of a South Korean warship!

This mans crime? Stepping into North Korea to preach the word of God from the Holy Bible! How outrageous is this? Kim must really have a fear of God- as well as God's wrath against his evil deeds- to have had a man that is described as "loving everyone in the world" sentenced to 8 years hard labor!

In this blogger's opinion it is high time to do more than threaten North Korea with U.N. sanctions. We are an ally to South Korea and have a mutual defense pact with them. It's time we answer their outrageous attack against the south and perhaps bomb a North Korean military installation-or even better yet- sink one of their ships.

The only thing this nut in the North will ever recognize and respect is force! Personally I would love to see this country drop a hell fire missile on Jong when he's having one of his military parades. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see the "Glorious leader" blown to bits on his evil reviewing stand?

Well,I doubt that's going to happen with the current occupant of the White House in power. Berry seems to be afraid to get harsh with Kim. I say it's time to give Kim ill a smack across his face and demand he set
Aijalon Mahli Gomes free immediately!!
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