Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Louisiana oilspill caused by catastrophic lack of common sense

Even as millions of gallons of oil continue to spill into the Gulf we now learn that in the days and hours leading up to the Deep Water Horizon explosion BP cut corners, as well as, good oil field practices, in order to cut costs!!

This to me is inexcusable. When you're working a mile under water it seems to me you should take all the precautions, and steps necessary to insure safety ,as well as, production! BP was more concerned with saving money. How much are you saving now BP?

The A.P recently reported that Bp had been advised to put in a steel liner, as well as casing, to help protect against blowouts. They chose to only put in steel casing.

They were advised by Haliburton that they would need 26 "centralizers" to keep the casing centered in the bore hole. BP decided on six, and later a BP engineer had second thoughts but ended up sending an e-mail that said "who cares, end of story, will probably be fine". Ha, who cares? Me and about 300 million other Americans, and ,IT'S NOT FINE!!!

His is the sort of thing that gives Capitalism, and Big business, a bad name!! I'm all for free enterprise and private, as well as, personal initiative, but carelessness and a lack of common sense cannot be tolerated. BP has said they will make it "right".

Well they better get on the ball because things are becoming wronger every day. These corporate criminals need to be brought up in charges. They have caused through a lack of concern and common sense one of the worst ecological catastrophes in the history of mankind. For this they must be made to pay. The people of the gulf, the United States, and the world, deserve better than what they are getting from British Petroleum now!
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