Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To our Soldiers,Sailors,Airman and Marines: Thank You!!

I found the video above at Stand by I love the men and women of our armed forces. I may rail against the abuses I perceive coming from Washington but you won't here me complain against our awesome people in uniform. Every day they get up put on their uniforms and guarantee to me and you the freedom we take for granted.

They however don't take it for granted. These young ,middleage, and even older heroes know the pain, blood and sacrifice that it takes to maintain our freedom. Freedom is one of God's greatest gifts to man and it takes blood, courage, and sacrifice to protect that freedom against the forces of evil in the world that lust to destroy our freedom. Our brave and committed service members give up their own freedom and give of themselves so that we can criticize, pontificate, and sometimes even make fools of ourselves.

Take time to watch this great video and thank God these people have the stuff it takes to stand tall for freedom!
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