Friday, April 30, 2010

Mississipi, tornado, Louisiana oilspill, show Catastrophic lack of leadership by Obama administration

In the wake of two gigantic disasters, one natural, the other man made, has Barack Obama shown a lack of leadership? My response to that question would be a resounding YES!!

First lets take a look at the devastating tornado that tore through Mississippi last Sunday, where were the calls for Obama to tour the afflicted area? What has Fema's response been in the wake of one of the worst tornadoes in U.S. history? Who knows neither the major media or the president have said much about it.

CNN reported: "President Obama has "been briefed on the tragedy in Mississippi and the situation is being followed by the White House," Obama spokesman Bill Burton said".

This is all I could find about the Whitehouse's response to this mind bogglingly big tornado. If Bush were still president,if he hadn't been on the scene the next day, he would have been blasted for being callous and insensitive to the human suffering that is occurring in Yazoo City and other communities hit by this monster storm.

Barack had a chance to show he had more on the ball than Bush. He could have immediately flew to Mississippi to personally assess the damage. He could have ordered Fema onto the ground but he didn't. Last I read was a quote from Governor Barbour saying that Fema was ready if invited in.

Bush was roundly criticised for tarrying in the aftermath of Katrina. Where are all those critics now? Speaking of Katrina lets take a look at Obama's response to the huge oil spill in Louisiana.

For the first few days, we were told by a Coast Gaurd official, that they had cameras keeping an eye on the well head and no oil was leaking out.

Then it began to be apparent that oil was leaking and we were told it was a mere few hundred gallons a day. Now its in the hundreds of thousands. It has taken days for this administration to even come to grips with the fact that there is an oil spill. Obama dwadled and now we have a giant oil slick making landfall on American soil! This is truly becoming Obama's Katrina.

Laura Ingraham on her radio show today referred to the response by this white House to the spill in the Gulf as a "c.y.a. mentality". I think that sums it up perfectly. Rather than seek solutions to the problem the prez and all his lacky's seem to be trying to limit the political dmage this could cause him, and deflect criticism by the hard left of his enviromental policies.

Hey maybe Barack is even showing his racist side-after all he is half white ergo he must be half racist-Bush was called racist for supposedly ignoring the plight of blacks in New Orleans. Therefore Barack must be racist for ignoring the plight of white folks living along the coast.

Clearly-in my opinion- these twin disasters- point up a catastrophic lack of leadership by this pretender in the White House!

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