Thursday, November 5, 2009

Speaking truth to power!

For a long time now the left has had the erroneous idea that they had an exclusive monopoly on protest! In fact for a long time-because the majority remained silent- they did have a de-facto monopoly, but, not any more. Americans of all stripes who think that government has crossed a line have become energized and are no longer silent.

For years now the left has loved to say "speak truth to power"! Well today Americans by the hundreds if not thousands were speaking truth to the powers that be in Washington, and that truth is, that they, the politicians, work for us, not the other way around!

In the midst of all this I heard a sound byte by Queen Nancy in which she said she had spent her whole life on this-health care reform- and that it was important to the people. No it is important to HER because she has invested her life in turning this country into some kind of communist paradise!

Well here is some truth being spoken to power by me -And I believe what the protesters were also saying-go to hell with your communist paradise!

Speak truth to power America is not a communist country it is a Democratic Republic belonging to the people and regulated by The Constitution! It's time Nancy Pelosi and company read it!!!

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