Sunday, November 8, 2009

Eric Cantor:"Republicans Do Have A health Care Plan


Well this-is in my opinion- a sad day for America! Last night I watched the spectacle of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi reading the results of the house vote and -smiling like the Cheshire cat- announcing this turkey had passed.

We have often heard that Republicans have "no plan" when it comes to health care reform legislation but House minority whip Eric Cantor exposes this claim for the lie it is. Republicans in the House and Senate have several excellent proposals that would reform health care without the government DICTATING to the American people how and in what form they will receive health care.

As it stands now the House version lays down the Law literally and tells Americans what they "SHALL" do! It even criminalizes opposition to their plan by making it a felony to not buy into this garbage.

As Mr. Cantor points out the Democratic proposal runs to almost 2000 pages. In addition this monster creates more new federal bureaucracies than can be counted.

It's interesting that Queen Nancy wore a Lenin Red Dress last night as she proclaimed victory. I swear I thought I saw a gold hammer and sickle on her right shoulder, but after rubbing my eyes found I was seeing things.

If theses damn Democrats get their way the freedom, economic opportunity, and choice we have so far enjoyed will become a thing of the past. History teaches us that democracies rarely last more than 200 years. Seems our's is about to expire.

Yes Republicans do have a plan for health care reform too bad it will likely never see the light of day!!

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