Thursday, October 29, 2009

Michael Moore's Plan to Communize America!

Ooohahahaha! Happy Halloween America!

Is this not the scariest thing you've ever seen? Well maybe I'm exaggerating ,but, Mr. Moore has released a recent letter that truly is frightening especially considering the vast number of left wing loonies that hang on his every word!

What am I talking about? Nothing less than Michael's missive of the October 22, intitled -"15 Things Every American Can Do Right Now!"- where he calls for nothing less than the Communization of America.

I considered posting all of it but decided to post only the first five things o'l Micky thinks should be done to America. Pelosi Reid and Emperor Obama should really love all 15 of his communist crap!! Here are his first five points...

1. Declare a moratorium on all home evictions. Not one more family should be thrown out of their home. The banks must adjust their monthly mortgage payments to be in line with what people's homes are now truly worth -- and what they can afford. Also, it must be stated by law: If you lose your job, you cannot be tossed out of your home.
Given the fact that the mortgage companies have been given billions this point has some merit. However the problem started because of socialist policies that allowed people who could not "AFFORD" to buy homes they couldn't afford!

2. Congress must join the civilized world and expand Medicare For All Americans. A single, nonprofit source must run a universal health care system that covers everyone. Medical bills are now the #1 cause of bankruptcies and evictions in this country. Medicare For All will end this misery. The bill to make this happen is H.R. 3200 -- but this bill is worthless without the amendment from Rep. Anthony Weiner that will bring us closer to the real bill that should be passed: H.R. 676. You must call AND write your members of Congress and demand that they support this amendment, no compromises allowed.
This one is very telling. Moore let's the cat out of the Health Care bag note the use of the word "Nonprofit". Yes lefties like Moore who has made massive profits from his films hate to see others make a profit. HEY MIKE THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT. Companies exist to make MONEY!!!!!

3. Demand publicly-funded elections and a prohibition on elected officials leaving office and becoming lobbyists. Yes, those very members of Congress who solicit and receive millions of dollars from wealthy interests must vote to remove ALL money from our electoral and legislative process. Tell your members of Congress they must support campaign finance bill H.R.1826.
I say let em get as many donations as possible.

4. Each of the 50 states must create a state-owned public bank like they have in North Dakota. Then congress MUST reinstate all the strict pre-Reagan regulations on all commercial banks, investment firms, insurance companies -- and all the other industries that have been savaged by deregulation: Airlines, the food industry, pharmaceutical companies -- you name it. If a company's primary motive to exist is to make a profit, then it needs a set of stringent rules to live by -- and the first rule is "Do no harm." The second rule: The question must always be asked -- "Is this for the common good?" (Click here for some info about the state-owned Bank of North Dakota.)
Notice here the nonsense about companies only existing to make a profit. Duh companies aren't charities nobody works for free!!

5. Save this fragile planet and declare that all the energy resources above and beneath the ground are owned collectively by all of us. Just like they do it in Sarah Palin's socialist Alaska. We only have a few decades of oil left. The public must be the owners and landlords of the natural resources and energy that exists within our borders or we will descend further into corporate anarchy. And when it comes to burning fossil fuels to transport ourselves, we must cease using the internal combustion engine and instruct our auto/transportation companies to rehire our skilled workforce and build mass transit (clean buses, light rail, subways, bullet trains, etc.) and new cars that don't contribute to climate change. (For more on this, here's a proposal I wrote in December.) Demand that General Motors' de facto chairman, Barack Obama, issue a JFK man-on-the-moon-style challenge to turn our country into a nation of trains and buses and subways. For Pete's sake, people, we were the ones who invented (or perfected) these damn things in the first place!!

HEY MIKE OUR PLANET DOESN'T NEED TO BE SAVED MANKIND DOES, and, we couldn't save this planet even if it needed saving.

Why stop using a proven engine like the internal combustion engine? Why not switch to clean burning ethanol or hydrogen?

Finally trains, subway's, etc were invented and came into being for the sole purpose of MAKING MONEY (see point number two) you big dumb ass!!!!

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