Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Afgahnistan-Pakistan Burn While Emperor OBama Fiddles

Today's headlines scream "11 Dead in Kabul" "Car bomb kills 100 in Pakistan"!!

Afghanistan is rapidly becoming a huge mess and that may well be the understatement of the day. While our president "dithers" our soldiers, U.N. workers. and innocent civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan die!

This is totally unacceptable! The president should definitely make a considered, and measured, decision, but at this point it is beginning to look as though Obama is paralyzed by indecision, whether that assessment is true or not!

Even the liberal talking heads on television are beginning to question what looks to be presidential indecision. I remember when Bush was president it was demanded -by the left- that he listen to his generals on the ground.

How amazing that now that one of their own is in power none of the liberal activists that hammered Bush can be found.

The worst part of this is that American soldiers are dying in ever increasing numbers for -what I would say-is a lack of reinforcement! Our enemies are gaining the upper hand! If you don't believe that they are today's news from Kabul is proof to the contrary..

In the history of this war- since we originally secured Kabul - this sort of thing has not happened in the area that it did,which is one of the most secure areas in Kabul, and indeed all Afghanistan.

We as a nation have to decide are we in this to win or not! If we are in it to win we MUST give the generals all the numbers of soldiers, and equipment, as they ask for.

Our soldiers, the Afghan people and the people of Afghanistan cannot wait while Emperor Obama Fiddles literally as Rome-so to speak- is burning!!
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