Wednesday, October 7, 2009

AP says health care support up but Zogby say's not so quick

It's all over the wires concerning Obamacare "the fever has broken". So is Obama care making a come back? Not really I checked out Zogby international and found some very interesting -albeit contrary- results.

AP is reporting the nation split 40-40 on the health care proposals currently floating around in Congress. Health Affairs -a health policy blog- reports that in a late September poll 27% supported what Congress and the President are trying to sell us while 59% opposed what is being outlined in Congress right now.

That sounds to me like Obama care doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell of being enacted unless of course the Democrats use the so-called "nuclear option" to ram the crap their working on now down our throats.

AP in a poll done between Sept 3 and September 9 found that only 34% of those polled supported current health care legislation while an astounding 49% opposed it. In the same poll 42% said scrap whats being worked on now and start from scratch!

The truth is the American people by and large do not support what the President and the Democrats in Congress are pushing. The liberal media can try and cherry pick the numbers but the fact remains that -in it's current form- health care reform is in trouble.

The Associated Press also found in their September 3-8 poll that an overwhelming 79% of Americans believe that any bill that comes out of congress has got to be bi-partisan. Yep looks to me like Obama and his liberal friends have got their work cut out for them indeed, and, if they attempt the nuclear option they may well find that it blows up in their face!

The AP is reporting that the "fever has broken" on the terminally ill health care plan but if I could wager a bet I would say it is DOA!
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