Tuesday, October 6, 2009

America to be treated like a third world country


"...the IMF, whose counsel to less developed nations over the past two decades has consistently called for social pain and economic austerity. The IMF’s misguided policies have been responsible for more revolutions than Marx, Engels and Lenin combined. Its bureaucrats’ arrogance is legendary and their search for appropriate punishments to fit the crime of spending too much on the poor smacks of colonialism and imperialism. They are our new overseers".

This is news that should make any freedom loving American's blood run cold. We are now -whether we like it or not- going to be lorded over by a world organization that most Americans really know very little about.

Even as I am writing this article ABC News .Com is reporting " United States Calls for Rigorous IMF Surveillance"

According to the ABC news article Tim Geithner is calling for the IMF to oversee and monitor investment trends, potential new economic bubbles, and corporate and investment banking compensation!

Morris has hit upon something that all of us should be aware of, as well as ,concerned about. He is exactly right when he say's that the Declaration of Independence has been superceded. Everybody and any body in this country that loves freedom needs to call their Representative and Senator in Congress and demand that this be investigated.

Keep your eyes on the television news I wager you'll hear very little about this in the mainstream media. Especially what the full impact -of what is happening at the I.M.F- will be on America.

Wake up America we are dangerously close to becoming SUBJECTS of a world government rather than free citizens of the greatest nation on Earth! Call me a nut but I think there is a subversive element in this country -as well as the World- that is seeking the destruction of our country and our freedoms and that they are working in concert to achieve their goals.

Investigate, learn and be informed these are some weird times and things are happening and being said by the leaders of this country that boggle the mind.

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