Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Unfortunate circumstance forces blog to return to old url

Scary Picture. This is why mostly I blog and don't do the U Tube thing. Approximately 6 months and almost 100 or possibly more posts I find myself in just about the same place I was then.

Let me explain, the title of this post alludes to the fact that I have switched back to

Awhile back I purchased a custom domain for a small sum and switched my URL to

Why you may ask did I do that! Just crazy I guess. I had read on some blogger pages that having a custom domain could raise the visibility of my site.

NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!!!! Sorry for raising the volume but prior to changing to the .net clicks to my site were steadily increasing.

Then I advertised my blog and clicks really took off at the highest point my site was getting 45 to 50 hits a day. Not a whole lot, but,my stats were trending upward at a healthy rate. So I said I'll switch to a custom domain.

Big mistake. It was a mistake because if you switch domains blogger will restrict their robot from reading the posts on your site. Therefore you will not show up on google searches or any other search service.

Not long ago through some simple searches I could find many of my articles. Today I checked and I could only find any results by searching the exact name of this blog. What results I did get showed only the name of my blog with a blurb beneath about Today's Politics By Freedom lover privacy policy.

So I have switched back to my original URL. I am hoping this will remove the restriction ,but,I don't know. I fear it won't. At this point my blog is dead. The only way I can get any hits is to post my blog on sites that allow that. No clicks from google searches etc. etc.

I suspect that I will still be restricted. If you follow this blog it is more than likely that I will be going over to Wordpress. I don't think I'll have too much to lose.

If this happens the name of this blog may change-hopefully for the better-so stay tuned and look for any changes that may occur. At this point six months work is mostly gone and I will have to start over again.

Bottom line if you start a blog on Blogger start it WITH a custom domain otherwise if you try to switch later take my word for it, it will KILL YOUR BLOG

I hope this keeps someone else avoid the pain that I am going through with my blog.

To all who follow and have visited this blog thanks.

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