Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Black Racism Exposed

WARNING: The video link on this page is disgusting.

The video on this post shows a white student being beaten without mercy by some other black students. What did this kid do to deserve this beating? Nothing more than set down! That's it sit down!

According to Jimmy Z at the Jimmy Z show this student had been subject to this kind of harassment before-although not to the point of being beaten-theses kid would put a book or bag on the seat to keep him from setting down. Finally this kid had had enough and moved the bag and sat down.

Almost all the kids on this bus are black and when the trouble starts most get up and start cheering. In fact there are several who hoot time and again Damn! This outrageous conduct was being reinforced by other students.

Could you imagine if this had been mostly white kids and whites beat the beejesus out of a black kid! Hell there would be rioting in the streets.

I say a hate crime was perpetrated here, but the cops seem to think it was just teenagers being teenagers. Seems I read two of them were suspended from school.

Hell if this had been white kids doing this to a black kid they would be charged with violating his civil rights-as well as-racism.

Folks it's time we put race aside and condemn in the strongest terms this sort of misbehavior.

The kids who perpetrated this crime should be expelled for the rest of the year and be brought up on criminal charges.

The most disturbing part of this is the white kid appears to do nothing to protect himself. Whites have been so cowed by charges of racism and white guilt that many will not stand up for their own rights. This breeds disrespect from blacks and encourages them to think it's alright to attack whites.

Black or white this sort of unprovoked violence is UNACCEPTABLE!

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