Thursday, June 11, 2009

The First Fair Tax Rally West of The Mississipi, to Hit Columbia Missouri, June 13, 2009

"COLUMBIA — The idea of adopting a statewide consumption tax in lieu of traditional corporate and individual income taxes is not novel. Fifteen years ago, three Houston businessmen invested $20 million to study alternatives to income tax nationwide. The idea has since gained a cult following...."
Columbia Missourian 5-19-09
Tired of having the government raid your paycheck, each and every week, and taking nearly half of what you earn? then the Fair Tax is for you! The Fair Tax is, simply put, a consumption tax. It wipes out all income taxes, corporate taxes,taxes on savings, as well as ,taxes on capitol gains, and replaces it with one simple form of taxation,one that is fair, across the board, and progressive as well. The more you spend, the more you pay. But perhaps the greatest benefit of all ,is that, it gets the heavy hand of government out of your life, and returns control of your money back to you. In other words the greatest benefit, is ,increased freedom for every one.

Lets face it, any fool could see, that the current system is broken. No one ,probably not even the I.R.S., knows what the untold volumes of the tax code contains. It is a -more than sixty year old- hodgepodge of rules and regulations. It is an intrusion by the government in to the lives, and business, of Americans, that would shock The Founding Fathers. Their philosophy was that less government was better government, and when they wrote the Constitution, they didn't put an income tax in it. If they had thought that a direct tax on personal, and business income, was a good idea they would have done so.

It is past time to get the Taxman off the backs of working men and women. Why should they have to choose between buying groceries and paying the utilities, or buying insurance. With the fair tax in place there would be plenty of money to do more and then some. I myself am fortunate to have good insurance where I work, plus I have an F.S.A. The Fair Tax would go a long way in helping to solve the Health Care Crisis.

It's past time to get the tax man off corporations. The Fair Tax would make American Companies extremely competitive in the world market, and I believe, lead companies from all over the world to come here and build factories, etc. With the extra money corporations would have, they would be better able to, raise wages and increase capacity, which means more jobs, and, provide insurance to their employees.

People would be able to save money without the government taxing their savings. Investors would be able to keep ALL their capital gains, which means, more investment in America. It doesn't take a Fulbright scholar- and lord knows I'm not one- to see that this is a win win for every citizen, as well as ,our Nation.

But the thing I like the best is it gets the government gun out of our faces by eliminating the I.R.S. For much to long our government has used the power of the state, and the threat of criminal punishment, to extort money from it's own Citizens.

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today. God Bless America And may god Bless this movement with success
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