Friday, May 8, 2009

Shameless self promotion

Since I created this blog, I've wondered how to get my blog noticed, especially locally. So I decided to e-mail Tom Bradley at the eagle I told him I liked the show and wondered if he could give me a shout out so I might get some exposure. I figured hey who am I. Little old Gene O"Neill, Tom ain't going to give me no shout out. Well. imagine my surprise. when immediately following the news at 5:55 The first words out of Toms mouth at six O'clock were "Gene writes".
Wow I was freaked out. I never thought he would really read my e-mail on the air. Any way he says ain't no way he's giving me a shout out, and said something to the effect that his show was not a forum for my "shameless self promotion". Wow He gave me a shout out anyway.
Here's the sad part of this story. Tom read,what he thought was the address for this sight over the air, the problem, I gave him the wrong address. I somehow omitted the freedomlover part of the address. Once again proof of how "The plans of mice and men often go astray".TGIF have a great weekend.
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