Thursday, May 7, 2009

Democrats might want to pay heed to Republican example

While driving home this evening I tuned in my favorite talk radio station.93.9 The Eagle. Sean Hannity was on interviewing James Carville. Seems Carville has a new book out, "40 More Years", "How The Democrats Will Rule The Next Generation".
During the interview Hannity brought up the point that Carl Rove made a similar statement after the Republicans regained Control of, not only the Presidency, but also Congress. Rove apparently made a reference to Republicans being able to maintain durable majorities for years to come. Boy, was he ever wrong.
What He and most of the Republican Congressmen forgot was that they were voted into power to bring "fundamental" change to the Federal Government. They lost sight of that promise to the American People. They had campaigned against pork barrel politics as usual. They ran on a platform of smaller government, and conservative fiscal policies. But once they got into D.C and whiffed of the rarefied air of power they ran amok and did no better than the Democrats they replaced. For a time they got away with it,until the 2006 mid term elections.The Democrats thought,mistakenly I believe,they won because of dissatisfaction with the war, but what I think really happened is the base of the Republican Party stayed home to punish what they perceived to be a betrayal of conservative principles by the Republican incumbents. So they"threw the bums out. Many had campaigned promising to pursue term limits but had a change of heart when they got to Washington. Well the people had the last word on that.
Whats all this have to do with the Democrats? Just this they too, in the midterms promised to end earmarks and stop politics as usual. Barack promised to bring fiscal responsibility, and slash the Bush deficit. Ha He's already increased the deficit in his first 100 days, more than George Bush did in eight years.
Already there are signs of extreme voter dissatisfaction, i.e. the "Tea Parties", if they keep going on this path they too will be, term limited by the People, when they once again "throw the bums out".
Then rather than "Ruling " for forty years, they will find themselves on the out side looking in for at least 2-4 more years,hopefully longer.
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