Friday, May 15, 2009

The Revolution

Last night I changed my Header to read "A proud member of the Conservative underground".
"The Revolution is Coming".
What is all this talk of "Revolution? You are probably thinking , oh no, this is one of those wild eyed, right wing extremists. But I.m not talking about violent revolution I'm talking a quite revolution, akin to the Reagan Revolution of the 1980's. In the late 70's early 80's, the Democrats, had tried to spend their way to prosperity. Prosperity,however, is not what we got. Instead we got "Tax and spend politics" as well as double digit inflation, unemployment, and double digit interest rates.
People Had become discouraged. The President Jimmy Carter, said that a "Deep Malaise" had overtaken the American People. Many said that America's best days were behind her. Very similar to today. Now we have commentators on the major networks telling us we have to learn to live with less and get use to a lower standard of living.
To this I say nonsense! Why? Because I've been down this road before. The days leading up to he Reagan revolution were very similar to today. This was how it was, when along came Ronald Reagan. A movie actor who the left ridiculed as a bad actor, and characterized as a bumbling buffoon.
Reagan was in good company because Lincoln had many times been called a buffoon and likened to an ape. Any way I digress. Reagan came on the scene with a message of hope. America's best days were not behind her, but in fact, were yet to come. he came preaching the gospel of freedom, free markets, capitalism, and personal responsibility. He cut taxes, cut some spending , but was opposed at every turn by the Democrats.
Reagan cut taxes across the board. He lowered the capital gains tax, and lowered the rate of taxation upon the wealthy, because He understood these are the people who create jobs. His reasoning was if they could keep more of their own money they would spend it creating jobs.
He also understood if the Government would cut taxes on the "working man" then the middle class would have more money to spend on consumer goods. This is the essence of true stimulus let every person, rich and poor, keep what is rightfully theirs, and spend it as they see fit.
I believe their is another revolution coming because our current President, as well as the Democratically controlled Congress, have chosen a failed path from the past. You cannot spend your way to prosperity.
The people are rousing. Tea parties and tax rallies are sprouting like flowers, or might I better say, dandelions, in spring. Even people who voted for OBama are expressing remorse. I predict that by the mid term elections, the Republicans, if they will get serious about doing away with earmarks, pledge to cut taxes, and limit the size of government, and actually carry out their campaign promises, will regain control of Congress and even the Presidency.
I think the time is ripe for a new dawn of hope, freedom , and true empowerment of the people in America. I pray that those who cherish freedom, love Independence, and just flat out love this country, will wake up and say enough is enough!

As William Wallace, being played by Mel Gibson, in the movie "Braveheart said ...

" Freedom"!

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