Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Political Correctness Run Amok

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter".
George Washington First President of The United States".

I missed making a post last night. I wanted to comment, on what I think is a good example of "Political correctness run amok". There are two examples I want to explore-one involves the controversy over the Miss California furor-the other,the scandal, yes I said scandal of ,former presidential candidate, Alan Keyes being arrested for protesting President Barack O'Bama's upcoming address at Notre Dame.

"SOUTH BEND, Ind., May 9 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Alan Keyes and 20 peaceful pro-lifers were arrested yesterday after they walked onto Notre Dame's campus praying the rosary and pushing baby strollers carrying baby dolls covered in "stage blood" to protest the invitation of Notre Dame to President Obama to deliver the commencement address at this year's graduation."

What is wrong with this picture? Alan Keyes, a Catholic, wants to peacefully protest what He considers "an abomination", of having ,what is arguably one of the most radical pro-abortion presidents we have ever had, give the commencement address at the most prestigious Catholic university in the nation.

Why Is the President's message an abomination? Because Catholics hold dear, as do many Christian denominations, the belief that life begins at conception. Indeed the, Pope the Shepherd of the Catholic church, has expressly condemned this aweful practice of abortion. How ,one asks, can a supposedly Catholic university, give a platform to a man who condones letting unwanted infants die, even after they have survived the barbaric partial birth abortion procedure. A person who apparently supports abortion , for any reason at any time.

Whats more is ,Alan Keyes is a Catholic, Barack OBama is not. and yet Keyes lands in jail. Should he not, being a Catholic, be allowed to protest a decision that flies in the face of Catholic doctrine, And yet, The President, who is not Catholic, and many might say, is not a Christian, is given the high honor of addressing the graduating class of Notre Dame.
How is this an example of political correctness run amok? Because during the Bush years, a professer At Notre Dame, Peter Walshe, organised a two part protest , against President Bush address to the 2001 graduating class of Notre Dame.

"George W. Bush, 2001
After Notre Dame alumni, including then-National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, recruited President George W. Bush to address the class of 2001 at Commencement. Another controversy erupted, again expressing the concern the University was neglecting its Catholic values and traditions with the invitation.
The Republican president, who received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Notre Dame, was protested against because his stance on capital punishment, labor, the environment and the military were seen in contrary to Catholic moral teaching.
A petition, signed by a group of faculty, students and alumni led by then-faculty member Peter Walshe, gathered 667 signatures and Walshe organized a two-part demonstration to protest Bush’s appearance at Commencement.
Walshe, the author of the petition, said in a May 18, 2001 report the “petition objects to a range of policies being pursued by President Bush. But it let’s the president off too lightly.”
In his speech, Bush reported on the United States’ commitment to the poor and said Notre Dame, as a Catholic university, “carries forward a great tradition of social teaching. It calls on all of us, Catholic and non-Catholic, to honor family, to protect life in all its stages, to serve and uplift the poor. This university is more than a community of scholars, it is a community of conscience.”
Kevin Gosztola

Apparently it is O.K to allow the faculty at Notre Dame to protest a pro-life president, but not a radical pro-abortion candidate. How dare someone speak out against abortion. those who support abortion are never arrested, while those who oppose it are gagged at every turn. If you doubt what I'm saying ,Google The Freedom of Clinic Access law that was put into effect when Clinton was President. It in effect, criminalized opposition to abortion.
Well I've rambled a bit long for tonight. We'll explore my second example of P.C.R.A. tommorrow.
June 14 2009
Well, as promised I will discuss the second example of "P.C Run Amok"
By Now Everyone has heard the story of Miss California Carrie Prejean. When asked by one of the judges, a one Perez Hilton, about her views on homosexual marriage Miss Prejean, committed the unutterable sin of going against the liberal establishment, and in an honest answer, said she believed marrriage was defined as a union of "One Man to one Woman". Simple as that. She had the unmitigated gall, as well as the temerity, to blaspheme against modern liberal orthodoxy, and dogma. How dare she say such a vile and revolting thing! Not to mention that she gave an honest answer, something that many liberals have a problem with, by stating what her belief and opinion is. More and more frequently, it is becoming not only inconvenient, but downright dangerous to disaggree with the political correctness of the radical left. THIS WOMAN ALMOST LOST HER TITLE BECAUSE SHE EXPRESSED AN HONEST OPINION. Excuse me for yelling, but this sort of thing really ticks me off. How long will it be before people can lose thier job, or perhaps even be thrown in jail, for not toeing the party, mostly Democratic Party, line. Something is wrong, when in two seperate instances, people who dared go against the liberal status quo, were punished for what they believe. My God for years I heard about McCarthyism. People, mostly persons of a liberal stripe, were blacklisted.
How damned hypocritical of them to treat people who don't agree with them as badly, and possibly one day soon, worse than they were treated under the old P.C. be the likes of Joseph McCarthy. There is good that came out of all this, Miss Prejean got back her title, because people were'nt willing to just set idly by and do nothing! And Alan Keyes inspired even more people to protest against giving an honorary degree to one of the most radical anti-life Presidents we have ever had at what should be a pro-life university.
Well I better go, the better half say's I'm violating her P.C by being on the P.C. too long . well goodby auntil tommorrow.

"The very aim and end of our instituions is just this: that think what we like and say what we think"
Oliver Wendell Holmes".

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