Thursday, August 25, 2011

9/11 Remembered: Ten Years Later

What a wonderful late August day I enjoyed today! Humidity low,temp in the 80's,clear blue bowl sky,very much like that fateful day,Sept.11,2001, when our world changed,and,life would never be the same.

This afternoon I finally came inside and logged online and found some really good articles about 9/11. What struck me most-as well as angered me-is how much progress has been made -not only at Ground Zero- but in the War on Terror as well-and the M.S.M. isn't saying a damned thing about it!

Consider for example this link 9/11 Memorial Site at Ground Zero. I was astounded by how much progress has been made in rebuilding the W.T.C. complex and memorial-and yet-I haven't seen anything on N.B.C,C.B.S,or A.B.C, about it! Why? Why haven't theses networks-that claim to be "news organizations" been having regular updates on the progress at "Ground Zero"?

As I pondered this-with tears in my eyes- I actually became angry. It seems to me that many of these "so-called" journalists want you and me to forget what happened on that horrific day back in 2001. They want us to forget that we were attacked by a band of Islamic Fascists who would see us all dead,they want us to forget about the strong and determined leadership of our -then President-George W.Bush, and they want us to be kept in the dark about the progress we have made -not only in rebuilding the W.T.C-but also in the "War on Terror"!

Take a moment to think about this,since 9/11 we have deposed Saddam Hussein, we liberated Iraq and have given them a chance to forge their own Democracy, we have stomped Al-Qaeda into the ground across the globe,and most of all cut the head off the Al-Qaeda snake,by killing Osama Ben Laden may he rot in hell!

At the site of the World trade center we have made substantial progress in rebuilding-as well as memorializing-that tragic event. We have seen the Arab world respond the George W. Bush's call to seek Democracy, in Egypt, Syria,Libya and other places. This is a repudiation of the Al-Qaeda doctrine that freedom and democracy are incompatible with Islam! 

While Bush was President we were asked time and time again what victory in the war on terrorism would look like. I say it looks a lot like what we are witnessing today! 

We have driven Al-Qaeda to their knees, we have witnessed the Arab spring,and we are showing the dogs who attacked us on Sept.11,2001,that we will rebuild,we will fight,and we will prevail.

Well that's all for today,but, I will be blogging about this more in the days ahead. Until then God bless you and yours and may God bless America.
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