Thursday, March 17, 2011

U.N approves "No Fly Zone" now will the U.S and the World act

The answer appears to be a resounding yes! Now that the U.N. has approved not only military action-such as taking out tank positions as well as ground forces-but also an actual "No-Fly Zone" it appears as a new coalition of the willing may soon be taking action to stop forces loyal to Libyan dictator Kadaffy from completely defeating the Libyan rebellion and possibly slaughtering scores of people who had stood against his tyrannical rule!

Mark Mardell at BBC News is reporting ...

"the first strikes will be unilateral ones by British and French aircraft. They could be in the air within hours. It is likely five Arab air forces will take part. Hillary Clinton has said it will mean bombing Libyan air defences. Nato will step up if asked but could take a while."
It's about time. It had begun to appear as though our dawdler in chief was well prepared to fiddle as Libya burned so to speak,but,ti her credit Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took a personal interest in this matter and -it appears-has almost forced the hand of the Obama administration on this issue.

Hillary is not my favorite politician by a long shot but-it is my opinion-she has more stones than "The One" has. In an earlier post I made the case for perhaps being able to win some hearts and minds in the Arab world by being decisive and taking action to aid the people of Libya in their quest for freedom from the much hated Kadaffy. It is heartening to see that apparently the United States and our allies in both Europe and the middle East are finally ready to get mobilized and take action!

So the answer to the question that headlines this post is ...
Yes the U.S. and the World are finally going to take action to see that the Libyan Rebels prevail in their struggle for freedom!
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