Friday, February 11, 2011

Joy and Celebration in Egypt

Regardless of what your opinion may be about who or what entity has been behind the uprising in Egypt the pictures out of Egypt today make it clear that this is,as of now, a popular uprising of the totality of the people of Egypt.
One can clearly see that young and old,secular and religious,men and women, children and elderly have all come together to demand the ouster of a dictator. 
This dictator brutalized the people of Egypt for 30 some years.Today to a person the people are chanting :We have done it", "We the people have driven Mubarak out" 
The most striking thing that I see in this picture is that the people are saying "the people and the Army have won"! 
At this point it appears that the military sides with the people. One can only hope that the Army can truly guide this country through a peaceful transition to a true democratic republican form of government. 
Something else that is striking is that American journalist are surrounded by the Egyptians and there is no words of hate toward America, they are not calling for a fundamentalist Islamic state, rather they are jubilant, celebrating their new found chance for freedom, and demanding democracy, as well as,warning any future would be dictators that the people will not go back to repression.
These are people who have hungered for freedom and now have a taste of it for the first time ever!
It is my fervent hope and prayer that the voices of reason will prevail and that the Egyptians can truly form a republic that will uphold the rights of all the people,guarantee freedom,and be at peace with it's neighbors,and join the family of democratic republics of the world

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