Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What America and the West need to learn about the Islamic concept of Dhimmi

"The Dhimmi is the Arabic term that refers to its non-Islamic conquered(emphasis mine) population that has the ignominious dishonor of living in Islamic conquered lands."
America is in a time of turmoil and foment. We have all witnessed recent events concerning the GZM and also a Christian group wanting to burn Qurans-both of which I find distasteful. In the latter case because the Bible teaches us to do unto others-and by extension other faiths- what you would have done unto you! I certainly don't want Muslims to burn Bibles,so,why should I burn a Quran?

I wish the Muslims involved with the GSM would think likewise and retreat from their plans to build near Ground Zero because they wouldn't like a Christian center near The Kabba in Mecca.

However Americans need to know more about the concept of 'Dhimmi". Dhimmi is basically a state of surrender,submission,and subjugation . The word Dhimmi although being a modern construct-having first been coined by one "Bat Ye'or". It can be traced back to a treaty between the inhabitants of Khaybar and Mohammad called "Dhimma".

"In 622 CE when Muhammad began his systematic conquering of pagan Arab populations and territories in the Arab desserts and peninsulas, he set up a precedent of conversion, death or servitude. Mixing war and religion, he utilized and abrogated relationships with non-Muslims to gain political and eventual territorial gains.... In 628, after a long siege of Khaybar, lasting a month and a half, the inhabitants surrendered under terms of a treaty known as the dhimma."
The state of Dhimmitude degrades people in lands where Muslims have become a majority  to second class citizens and basically leaves them in a perpetual state of subjugation,humiliation,and slavery

When persecuted or attacked by a Muslim a dhimmi cannot defend him or herself and can only beg for forgiveness and mercy at the hand of his attacker it is up to the Muslim involved to decide the dhimmis fate.
The state of dhimmitude is the last choice between converting to Islam by force,or dying with the third and final choice being dhimmi. It is a relinquishment of your freedom for your life and an entry into slavery.

This is what we see happening today whenever we in the West resist Islam or try to defend ourselves,our culture,and our way of life. The Islamic world expects us instead to genuflect to them and beg their mercy and forgiveness, They on the other hand-because of their perception of Islamic superiority- are free to do as they please. Hence it is all right for them to burn our flags,desecrate our churches, and burn our Bible, but how dare we make fun of their false prophet,call out Islam for what it is,a sham, or burn their Quran!!

Just more of the arrogant hypocrisy that IS Islam!!!

"And the bible says of Ishmael-the man the Moslems claim as one of their fathers-..."He will be a wild Jackass of a man and will even raise his hand against his own brothers".
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