Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An open letter to Al Qaeda's Al Zawahiri

September 15,2010. Well it seems the so called number two of Al Qaeda-Imam Al Zawahiri-has released a new psychotic video rant! What a raving lunatic this idiot is!

In this video he claims Al-Qaeda has "broken" the "Crusade"-in other words the war on terror- that the United States launched following the attack on the World Trade Center. Well Al-Zawahiri I have news for you. The mighty forces of the United States military have kicked Al-Qaeda ass!

You claim that your sorry Mujaheddin-or whatever- have forced us to pack our bags! Hah!! We have forced your sorry a--'sout of Iraq and you have been forced-and I mean forced- to try and regroup in Afghanistan. So what do you do? You try and whip up an anti American sentiment in Pakistan.

You rant about how the crusaders are killing Muslims,and,call for the "Umma"-in other words the faithful Muslim world-to implement sharia. Your rant sounds like desperation to me!!

Al-Qaeda has killed more Muslims than America and her allies's have. You my enemy turned the people of Iraq against you-and -you will do the same in Afghanistan and Pakistan. You are nothing but a two bit murdering thug!!

Oh by the way what happened to Osama? Is he not able to speak for himself? Hah that murdering bastard is dead!! Dead at the hands of the forces of Freedom!!!
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