Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hillary's report to the U.N on the state of human Rights in America part two

As I reported yesterday The State Dept. submitted-for the first time- a report to the U.N. detailing the state of human rights in America and what steps we have taken to insure human rights. Well as I said this reads like a litany of all the wonderful things the "progressive"democrats have given to America.

One of the first things this document lionizes is that freedom of association  protects workers and their right to organize. What is left unsaid is that this administration is currently pursuing "Card Check" a new system that would eliminate the secret ballot and instead make the results of how each worker voted in elections to decide whether or not to go union public. This is an open invitation for unions to intimidate workers into voting for unionization.

The second great accomplishment of the Democratic party  cited in this document is the "Voting Rights Act".
Someone needs to remind Hillary that if not for the Republican Party the northern liberals could never have gotten this legislation past the southern Racist Democrats!

Then there is the "Help America vote act". That one got put in after George Bush "stole" the election in Florida. This has made it so easy to get registered to vote that even illegal aliens can vote.

Lets not forget the "Matt Shepherd James Byrd Hate Crime Prevention Act". Why do we need another law trying to decide what a person was thinking when he killed another human being? Murder is already illegal! Just enforce the law dammit! and it goes on and on and on, a compendium, if you will, of all the great things The Dems and Obama have given the world!

All I can say is give us a break. O has joined the last refuge of the world's dictators, and like them, is trying to use the U.N Commission on human rights for propaganda purposes!
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