Friday, July 30, 2010

What's the fuss over Arizona?Missouri has had a similar law since 2008

Evidently when it comes to laws to limit illegal immigrants-particularly those from Mexico- the Show me state really showed the way. Recently all the headlines have been about the controversial anti-immigrant law in Arizona.

Liberal politicians have been foaming at the mouth over it, the President has practically declared war on Arizona over it, and the liberal elitists in Holly Wood have boycotted it,but really ,what's all the fuss about?

Missouri passed a similar bill in 2008, aimed at cutting down on the number of illegals-read Mexicans-in Missouri and no one even noticed. Here's a quote from Missouri's bill...
"Law enforcement officers must inquire into the immigration status of any individual detained in a jail facility for a violation of state law. If the individual is found to be illegal, the officer shall cooperate with any request from federal authorities regarding detention and custody transfer"(click read the bill).
Here's my take on it. the Missouri bill was short, concise, and to the point,it wasn't a contentious issue before it was passed, and it the support of not only the people, but, both parties, and to cap it all off it became law without very much fanfare.

The same-unfortunately- cannot be said for the Arizona bill . In Arizona there seems to have been a rush to get any law passed-and understandably so-since the Federal government apparently didn't have any intention of providing security for the state.
Then during the debate several portions became quite controversial-causing it to become a lightning rod- thereby insuring that the MSM and the liberal elites would get involved and muck everything up with political correctness.

Well as the old saying goes the rest is history Arizona has now become a political circus, while, Missouri's law still goes largely unnoticed.
So to sum it all up "whats all the fuss about?" Arizona didn't take enough care in drafting their law, and most importantly the crazed Liberal Democrats got involved, along with their lackey's in the Liberal press, and have done nothing but turn something that should have been a local and state matter into total mayhem!
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