Monday, July 26, 2010

John Kerry loves taxes for you and I but not for himself!

Well, well, well, seems John Kerry -one of the most tax loving liberals of all time- apparently has attempted to dodge a $500.000 tax bill.

Yeah that's right Kerry it seems he has attempted to avoid paying excise taxes to the state of Massachusetts by keeping his new multimillion dollar yacht moored in Rhode Island.

Once again a -"fat cat" multi-billion dollar- liberal is caught red handed trying to dodge taxes,that he and his ilk, love to impose on everyone else. In this video, from Fox News Boston, Kerry appears to be a little nervous,and definitely not "transparent, as he is confronted by a Fox news reporter and a vidiographer.

Note that Kerry say's ,"We'll pay our taxes, we've always paid our taxes,it's not an issue period, we've always paid our taxes". Sounds like he's trying to convince himself ,as much as ,he's trying to convince the reporter. Then after being pressed he later tries to dodge the question of taxes by saying "it depends on who owns the yacht".

Well turns out it's owned by his wife's company. He spends some time ducking and weaving by saying something about maintenance, and , warranty work. Well for goodness sake the thing isa brand new multi million dollar yacht why in the world does it need warranty work already? Sure as heck sounds like a dodge to me

Yes it seems this unbelievably rich "man of the people" doesn't like taxes. Libs love to laden you and I down with scores of laws, taxes, and regulation's, but when it comes to themselves their much ballyhooed "transparency" starts looking more like a Klingon cloaking device!

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