Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea Partay America!! or What the hell is wrong with liberals

April 15 2010. Tax day in America and low and behold thousands, nay, tens of thousands of "Conservative" Americans took to the streets to vent their frustration with what many of us perceive as a government that has overstepped the boundaries of the Constitution, and ,is threatening the liberties that Americans have always held as sacred.

This is in a long standing tradition of American politics that dates back to the founding of the nation. Americans have, historically speaking, never been afraid to say what's on their mind.

During both Bush administrations, and especially in W's term, the left vented their anger against Bush and his policies in demonstration after demonstration across this land. At the time I always said I didn't agree with them but I respected their right to do it, and, would be willing to fight to allow them that right.

But what has been the response from the left to the Tea Party protesters. Well Tea Party'ers have been called terrorists, racists, and lord knows what ever else. For Gods sake CNN is even wringing it's hands wondering if so called limits on free speech have been breached! Where oh where was all the concern when the Libs were foaming at the mouth over Bush. Where was the concern when they openly called for the assassination of the President.

If today's conservative protesters were calling for the same outcome for Obama they would be arrested faster than you can say what? Furthermore there is the recurring drumbeat in the media that the Tea Party folk are filled with racism and hatred. Just yesterday I heard some person from California in a news report saying that what lies beneath the strong anti-government rhetoric is really latent racism, and hatred.

What a bunch of baloney. What lies beneath is a large portion of the American population that is angry at what they see as a government that has run amok!! These are people who still believe in the transcendent values of individual freedom, liberty, and responsibility, that the founders envisioned, and which have made this country the best place on the face of the Earth to live.

For years now leftist in our Universities, media, schools and elsewhere have been attacking these timeless virtues and they are astonished that their message has had so little effect on a large segment of the American populace.

What it all boils down to is that Libs believe in free speech for themselves, but conservative, or anyone else for that matter, who disagree with them, need to be silenced. That my friend is what is wrong with liberals. They are adherents to an orthodox religion and cannot brook ANY opposition to that orthodoxy!!!

As for me I say TEA PARTAY America!!! Let the new Conservative revolution begin!! AND where does it begin? In the hearts and minds of people who love freedom, and at the ballot box this November. No this will NOT be a violent revolution. But a revolution nonetheless it will be!!

See Ya! Queen Nancy and Prince Harry Reid!!
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