Thursday, February 4, 2010

How close are we to becoming a police state?

How close are we to becoming a police state? In my previous post a gave a sketchy outline of a plan for a domestic Stability Police Force. The idea of this S.P.F. is alarming to me. I'm all for the rule of law, as well as , law and order.I believe the majority of our men and women in our police forces do a magnificent job and are to be praised for what they do. I think that some aspects of a stability police force might be desirable. We have places in this nation controlled by gangs and thugs that ought to be declared in armed insurrection against the government. But then the Army was intended to be used to put down rebellions against the government so I guess we really don't need an S.P.F.

What worries me is that in my lifetime -and especially in the last 20 years - I have witnessed a tremendous erosion of our liberties. take time to watch this video and you too may ask how close ARE we to becoming a police state?
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