Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rachael Maddow more afraid of Christians than terrorists

I caught this last night just before going to bed and I couldn't believe my ears. Rachael Maddow of msnbc was talking about conservative criticism of Obama while he's out of the country. She focused in on criticism from the religious right-whatever that is- and made a big fuss out of bumper stickers and other products that have become fashionable in conservative Christian circles. These products bear a reference to Psalm 109:8 which says...

"Let his days be few and let another take his place"

At this point Maddow becomes quite agitated and fearful that this represents a threat on the life of the President. What Rachael fails to understand is that this isn't a threat on the President it is just a prayer that Obama's term in office will be short and that a better candidate will take his place. That's all!

But no! This is not good enough for her she proceeds to distort the truth and read Psalm 109 verse 8 but also Psalm 109 verse 9 which says "let his children be fatherless and his wife a widow".

Give me a break! This is not what evangelicals are aiming at. Sure enough if both of these are put together it does sound ominous, but, that's not what's going on. These folks wish no harm to the President OR his family, they just wish he wasn't president.

Then appears Frank Shaeffer a liberal "Mainstream" Baptist. Folks mainstream baptists are any thing but mainstream. They are far left Christians who don't even believe most of scripture. Yet Maddow characterizes him as coming from far right Christianity. At this point she is playing on the ignorance of her audience.

This bozo goes on to characterize conservative Christians-and indeed anyone who has ever read the Left Behind Series by Tim LeHaye- as delusional!! Folks this is nothing more than gross fear mongering. I have to ask where were they when the left was wishing for the assassination of George Bush and the death of V.P. Cheney?

When the talk was all about the terrorist that shot up Fort Hood Rachael was bending herself into a pretzel to excuse the actions of that Islamic terrorist! Rachael,quit being afraid of Christian activists,and start being concerned about Radical Islam!!

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