Monday, October 12, 2009

Having fun inciting libs at liberal blog Wonkette

Over the weekend I noticed a link in the search engines about Chip Reid and the Nobel prize not being awarded to Ronald Reagan and it linked to Wonkette. Now having never visited that blog I decided what the heck I'll go on over and check it out.

Upon landing I saw there was a video of C.B.S. reporter Chip Reid giving WhiteHouse press secretary Robert Gibbs a hard time about why Reagan never received a Nobel prize.

After viewing the video I scanned the comments and decide to post a comment and sign it using the name of this blog so all the libs could visit this site and be offended. I was a little unprepared for the reaction of some of my fellow posters. However I shouldn't have been surprised because I know that they always attack first then demonize and attempt to marginalize any one with a viewpoint other than there own.

Here is the first comment I posted

"I too am wondering why Reagan never got a Peace prize. Reagan strengthened the defenses of America and her allies in a period when the Russians had become quite aggressive. I lived through that time and believe me the old Soviet Union was SCARY. Reagan believed-and so do I -that true peace is accomplished only by strength.His policies quite likely helped prevent a war between East and West. As a result of his resolve the Russians were bankrupted trying to out do us and the people of Russia began to demand change so much that the Old Soviets had to liberalize. This led to the demise of The Soviet Union and The Iron Curtain. Does Reagan deserve a Nobel prize? Darn straight he does.From Today’s Politics By Freedomlover"

What follows is the response I got...

"A person calling themselves teebob2000 wrote

Hey, asshat - fix your sticky Shift key and we’ll think about considering possibly maybe taking you seriously to some extent."

Another person wrote...

"And, looking beyond your Kentucky fifth-grade history textbook logic, are you suggesting that liberalizing is a good thing, then? Liberal!"

what they failed to realize is that to liberalize a communist system you have to make changes that would be called conservative here!

So I posted a second comment...

"I’m back. Yeah my shift key does get goofy. Kentucky fifth grade education? I thought libs were tolerant, openminded, and senstive. Seems kipperthegod an teebob2000 need to go back through sensetivity training. Well thats what I get for posting without proofreading.
Any way back to the Gipper. R.R. was a great President who returned dignity and prestige to the Presidency. He was firm yet fair with the Russians, and as a result was feared and respected by them and our other enemies. Wish I could say That about O.Stop by the blog.Have a great weekend from Today’s Politics By Freedomlover.
P.S Yee Haw"

This inspired some real vitriol from one teebob2000...

"Not sure what "senstive" or "sensetivity" are, but fuck you anyhow.
Everyone will head right over to Head-Up-My-Ass by Freedom-shover. Meanwhile go back to freeperland and we’ll catch up later"

So I posted...

"Hello teebob2000This is what I love about liberals such as yourself. It is very difficult to have a reasoned adult conversation ruled by civil discourse. The pattern is almost always the same personal attack coupled with an effort to demonize and marginalize the other party.
If that doesn’t work then resort to profanity. My Grandma always said people used profanity when they were too ignorant to use a different word, or had no point to defend, leading them to cuss at their own frustration.
teebob it’s been fun. Well I’m heading off to freeperland now to enjoy poking fun at fellows like you or fellowettes whichever may be the case. Lots of fun though:)"

"Well true to form this led to a mean spirited and malicious post by one worrierqueen...

We don’t have any problems with your politics of selfishness, self-centredness and narcissism freedom hater, the ‘I’m alright Jack stuff you’ attitude of the mean-spirited. Its not a particularly noble belief, one might even call it odious but its definitely valid. Our question is why are all your heroes so stupid? Bush? Cheney? Palin? Limbaugh? Hannity? and all the other rock spiders dwelling on the dark side of the human psyche. They don’t have enough neurones between them to challenge your average xerophilic mould.
What happened to your once great party of Lincoln, Greeley and the Pathfinder? What happened that it is now reduced to a rabble of incoherence? Is smart right-winger an oxymoron these days? Its certainly makes you unelectable in the fetid swamp of right-wing politics where the motto is "Brains are bad". Good luck with your blocks in freeperville. Look forward to catching up in 2010."

And another commenter wrote...

"Bitch, in case you didn’t notice, this isn’t a forum for political discourse. It is a venue for sarcasm, anal sex and TruckNutz.
(With apologies to MR. JUSTICE CARDOZO): Will not someone purge this vicious taint?"

Vicious taint?!!!! This vitriolic asshole calls what I posted vicious!!! Hah he hasn't seen vicious!

Any waaaay. All and all it was a pretty fun time twaking these little brat liberal's noses this weekend over at Wonkette:)

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