Friday, October 2, 2009

Democratic Health Care Plan If you get sick we'll make sure you die.

Lately all that you can get on television is stories-usually skewed to favor the democrats- about the so-called health reform working it's way through Congress.

Last week there was a huge dust up over Democrats claiming that the only plan the Republicans had was "If you get sick die quick".

Nothing could be further from the truth. Several Republican members of Congress have proposed excellent plans to help fix the problems we have with health care. The problem for the democrats is that the Republican plans don't enlarge governments role in your life as much as they would like. They see us as a bunch of ignorant children and they believe we are incapable of deciding what is best for us.

A better, more accurate saying would be if the Dems have their way it will be "If you get sick we'll make sure you die! If this socialized medicine mess goes through- as much as the Dems protest to the contrary- the government will begin encouraging- and eventually mandate that people go off and die.

Prominent liberals in England-a country with commie medicine-have already said that it is the patriotic duty of sick old people to get the hell out of the way and die. That's not a direct quote but it catches the spirit of what was said.

If government takes over the health care system it will be in their best interest to encourage-or even mandate- death. Just think we could solve the Social Security problem by just cutting off the meds to old people. Whoops -wait a minute- the proposed Senate Finance bill already does that.

We may have problems with the health care system but they pale in comparison to what an out of control power hungry government could do. Sometimes the best course of action is to leave well enough alone and if all we are going to get is this garbage the Democrats are peddling I say leave well enough alone.
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