Monday, September 14, 2009

Unhinged Right Wing Racists

Well that's the way some liberal blogs and websites are characterizing anti-tax,anti-big government,pro-reform protesters. In an article from the writer
,one Gary Younge, writes "It's not difficult to ridicule the American right. Its peculiar blend of paranoia, mania, fantasy and misanthropy has been given full rein these past few months."

Notice how anyone who disagrees with the left in this country is branded as being paranoid having a mania or some other typical ad-hominum attack. This is standard operating procedure for those on the left. Marginalize,and demonize,that seems to be their motto.

Take this quote for example "These are the people who believe that civil rights was really about miscegenation, abortion rights is about promiscuity and gay rights is about pedophilia. There are more of them than we'd like to think. And they are not going away" .This is a perfect example of the tactics of the left.

The Tea Party Protesters are not a bunch of wild eyed paranoid anti civil rights homophobic nuts. They are ordinary citizens who have looked at what Barack and Congress are doing and are concerned it will destroy this nation.

In a similar vein on a site called racism review someone named Joe posted the above linked article. In that article we find the following quote from The Center for Social Inclusion "• Unemployment is 26.5% for young Black men, 14.2% for Young Latino men, and 11.7% for young White men. • Wages dropped 5.6% for Latinos, 4.4% for Asians, 2.8% for Blacks, and 2.6% for Whites."

Joe goes on to make the following statement " In addition to showing once again that this is far from an egalitarian country, these data help explain why the demonstrators in Washington, DC, yesterday (Sept. 12), estimated around 50,000, against President Obama and his health care plan were almost all white."

I have to agree that a majority of these protesters are indeed white,but, that doesn't automatically,make them racists. Sweeping -as well as incorrect generalizations like this-only reveal the bigotry of the individuals who wrote them.

Mr young goes on to make this statement "Annoying, bizarre, incoherent, divisive, intolerant, small-minded, misinformed, ill informed and disinformed, certainly. But stupid and crazy--anything but."

Well well seems the right aren't the only ones that are annoying intolerant and small minded. That quote is ample evidence of the narrow mindedness and intolerance of the so called "Progressive Left". In fact the entirety of both theses articles are absolute proof of the bigotry, intolerance and outright narrow mindedness of the left.

The left needs to take a deep breath, open their ears, and close their mouths and realize not everybody thinks that more and bigger government is the solution to this nations problems.

In fact these protests prove that a growing number of Americans believe that government IS the problem
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