Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What the government doesn't want YOU to know!

This is a follow up to my post from yesterday. I have asked the question "What the government doesn't want you to know?". I have to question why we are in such a headlong rush to enact the Cap and trade legislation?

This is probably some of the most important legislation of our lifetimes. If this ill conceived monstrosity becomes law individual freedom, personal autonomy, and free market capitalism will be severely threatened.

For some time now I have felt that this panic over global warming was a crisis created in order to pass a political agenda. That agenda being a plan by the left, to end,or at least, severely hobble free market capitalism, as well as personal freedom. I remember back in the seventies the same people were warning us that we were headed for another ice age, and who was the culprit, man made pollution , in the form of green house gases!

Alas at that time people had enough common sense to realize that what was, or was not, happening with the weather was probably just part of the normal cycle, and rhythm of planet Earth, as well as , the solar system we live in.

Fast forward 30 or more years to today. The left has had plenty of time to indoctrinate an entire generation to buy into this global warming nonsense and to formulate the current B.S that they are peddling today. The left realized some years ago that rather than cooling, the Earth, was actually warming. They seized upon this to begin promoting an agenda where by they could accomplish a goal, that I believe they set for themselves during F.D.R's time. to at least reign in capitalism, and preferably neuter it to the point that the state controlled everything.

They worked on this for years, and the climate seemed to be playing right into their plans. But then things started swinging back the other way. Data came in suggesting things wee actually cooling off. So starting in the Clinton administration they began this global warming drumbeat that has intensified every year up to the present time.

Then came Al Gore with his "Inconvenient truth." His baloney was more like inconvenient propaganda. Then the U.N jumped in, and we all know what lovers of freedom they are, and issued a report that said the debate was over, global warming was a reality.

All along things were getting cooler. But the Liberal media ,no friends of individual liberty, or Constitutional principles themselves, threw their support behind what is quickly becoming a discredited theory of pseudo science.

Search the web, their are sights such as and others that point out the many fallacies of the global warming myth. Take the time to download and read the suppressed EPA report. The questions posed by this report are real eyeopeners.

Get informed,and I believe you too, will agree that their is something this administration, as well as Congress, doesn't want you to know... the truth!

"And the truth shall set you free!"

The Freedomlover.
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