Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stimulus We Can believe In!

The liberty bell. What a symbol of American freedom. That's what this blog is all about,freedom. The democrats in congress have billed themselves as the guardian's of freedom, Barack said he would bring us economic freedom and social justice, together they forced through a so called stimulus that has done absolutely nothing to advance the cause of freedom or economic stimulus!

Enter "American Solutions,for winning the future". the democrats keep accusing conservatives of criticizing but not having solutions. Well here is a site , connected with Newt Gingrich, that offers real solutions to the problems we currently face.

Chief among these solutions-there's twelve by the way-is a proposal for "Payroll Stimulus". What would this do? Well according to the American Solutions "Take Action"Page this "Payroll Stimulus" would...

"Reduce the Payroll Tax by 50% for Two Years. Whereas many people don't pay the income tax, but do pay the payroll tax, we believe this would immediately boost take home pay for every employee, and free up available cash for every employer."

Although I prefer the Fair Tax- which totally eliminates payroll, income, and corporate taxes-any tax break is better than no tax break. Especially one that puts more cash into the pockets of the people who drive this economy. The American worker.

If I had a fifty percent reduction in what I pay in payroll taxes-and this should include medicare and,social security as well as federal taxes- who knows I might be able to by a new car, or refrigerator, or whatever. Multiply this by millions of workers and shazamm you have real stimulus and the beginning of recovery.

America It's time to wake up and demand that those who supposedly represent us in Washington act on proposals like this. And in a special note to the Republican Party if you don't adopt a platform similar to the American Solutions platform you will probably not retake control of Congress and America will have lost again.
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