Saturday, July 18, 2009

Claire McCaskills true colors shining through or just a case of a stupid staffer?

While checking out one of my favorite blogs-The Patriot Room-This article caught my eye "Sen McCaskill staff give HC protesters the finger!"

On the page from the articles website there was a link to blog called "The Gatewaypundit". i stills was in a state of shock and disbelief just from reading the headline. At a time when congressional approval is at an all time low how could McCaskill approve of this kind of behavior?

Then I asked my self could this be an indication of Claire's attitude toward constituents that don't agree with her? I don't know. What I do know is that a few weeks ago I e-mailed Ms. McCaskill's office to urge her not to support cap and trade and never got a responding e-mail from her. About that same time I e-mailed some other congress people and did receive the automatic computer generated response.

Could this incident be McCaskills true colors shining through? Is this a reflection of the culture and atmosphere she has cultivated in the staff that work For her? For my part I want to believe that it was just a thoughtless act by a stupid staffer.

However it does call attention to what seems to be a disturbing trend by Democratic office holders toward holding anyone who disagrees with them in contempt! Don't they read the newspaper or keep an eye on the blogosphere? Seems not or else they might begin to figure out that Obamacare stinks to high heaven with the American people.

As a constituent of Ms. McCaskill I would like to remind her that the "People"-as in "We the People"- are her boss! We hired her-well I didn't I voted against her-we can fire her.

Their is something terribly wrong in Washington that seems to breed contempt in our elected officials for the people that they are there to serve us.

Well come 2010 I feel sure many of them will be packing their carpet bags for other diggs.

As for me I fully intend to vote against anyone with a D behind their last name!

People it's time to shout FREEDOM NOW!

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