Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Canadian Horror Story

We've been told by the Obama administration, as well as most of the Democratic party, that we need to be more like Canada, France and England, and follow their lead into "socialized" medicine!

Well I'm not so sure. Originally I set out to post a commentary on the Canadian health care system -especially since we've been told- by the liberals- that we need a Canadian style health care system.

But what I found in my searches on the net was terrifying and chilling. I found information about the "Canadian Human Rights Commission". If there ever was a misnomer this is it. I found search results that said people had been jailed for writing letters disagreeing with the government or for that matter just writing politically incorrect opinions.

Yes you heard me right, jailed for dissent. Their only crime was expressing an opinion contrary to political correctness. As bad as socialized medicine probably is up there-and I don't want to find out what it would be like here- this is the Real Horror story!

Here's what I found...

"Today, the outspoken voice of the workingman, Brad Love was released from prison on bail conditions his own lawyer, Peter Lindsay suggested are more usually imposed on people facing murder charges. Mr. Love is accused of five counts of writing letters, contrary to his previous parole condition.

Furthermore this article went on to state that...

One of the Crown’s reasons for wanting Mr. Love kept in prison pending his trial, which Peter Lindsay said might not occur for six to nine months, is that he has not changed his political views.

Say what ? A man is sitting in jail in Canada because he refuses to change his political views! I was under the impression that Canada is a free country. Evidently not as free as I thought.
This is what a Canadian Blog "Freedominion" reports about Mr. Love...

"In an interview with Café tonight, Mr. Love, settling down after enjoying his first decent meal in five days explained the writings that have stirred the powers that be to send him back to prison. He wrote taunting comments to the York University Student Union, B’nai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress on the occasion of Israel Equals Apartheid Week. Among his comments were: If all these Third World people are against Zionism, maybe they’re right. He also wondered in his letters whether Third Worlders demonstrating against Zionism would be called racists. Brad Love told CAFÉ: “Many of the comments I made I borrowed from Jewish comedians.”

This my friends is a pretty sad state of affairs. What makes it worse -if it can get any worse- is that the liberals ,and Democrats, in this country are saying we should be more like Canada. And they are also the ones pushing for hate speech laws as well as so called Human rights commissions in this country!

Folks if after this health care nonsense they start pushing anti-hate legislation -even more than they have already-we may be in for a fight. Canadian Brad Love is already fighting this in his country here's what he had to say...

"“It’s because it’s a thought crime,” Mr. Love commented ...

I first found this story at a blooger site ran by Marc Lemire

He ends his article with theses poignant words...

“It seems the state is intent on shutting Brad Love up,” Paul Fromm observed. “What does it say about the emotional fragility of the powers that be that they can’t withstand a little needling and criticism from a blunt spoken working guy, without running to the State to have him gagged and jailed? And we’re over in Afghanistan trying to bring democracy and human rights to those people. We ought to start right here in Canada.”

Look for more on this story in upcoming posts.

We need to cry "Freedom " for Brad Love!
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