Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Canadian Horror Story Part 2

Freedom of speech-one of the hallmarks of a free society-is under attack in our neighbor to the north. Check out the link above. It will take you to FreeDominion a sister site to FreeRepublic in the States.

As I shared in part 1 of "A Canadian Horror Story" it seems if you have views or opinions contrary to the government it may well be that the authorities will try to make your life a living hell!

This really has me shook. I know the U.S and Canada are different cultures, but we are both Americans-as in North America- and we both share a common ancestry and heritage of freedom of political thought.

In the United States our Revolution was fomented and led by individuals who would publish what were called "broadsides" these were sheets of paper printed on one side. Those who published broadside often used them for poetry and other literary works. However the broadsides were also used to tell the news as well as expound political thought and even revolutionary propaganda.

Broadsides were heavily used during the American Revolution ,The Anti-Slavery Movement, as well as the Temperance movement.

Well my friends broadsides WERE the Internet and blogospheres of their day. During the American Revolution it was dangerous to publish them and could actually lead to being hung for treason! That's why after the Revolution Our founding fathers enshrined freedom of speech in the Constitution.

But like our Canadian friends there are many in America who would silence thought and opinions they don't agree with. Consider how the Dems are threatening to reinstate the so called "Fairness Doctrine" !

Would a blogger have to print a liberal opinion or point of view for every conservative post?

Or perhaps the libs along with the News organizations will want to PASS LAWS TO SHUT US DOWN BECAUSE WE'RE NOT LICENSED JOURNALISTS!

Or maybe we'll be charged with hate crimes. At any rate go to the link above, read about what's happening in Canada. Folks if it can happen there it can happen here.
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